Webhooks at Defacto

The Defacto REST API offers webhooks to enable you to get real time notifications of changes in the status of the resources that we expose (invoices, loans, payments, etc.).

In a few words, a webhook is a mechanism that enables one HTTP API (the producer) to send a notification to another one (the consumer). When a notification is available, the producer calls an endpoint on the consumer's API with the content of the notification (usually a JSON object). The endpoint to be called must be specified in advance by the consumer, by creating a webhook subscription.

Webhooks can be used to:

  • Trigger actions on IFTTT or Zappier
  • Get live notifications on Slack
  • Call endpoints on your own API so that you can react to changes in our system in real time.

Take a look at the left bar to see our guides on our webhooks.