Enroll a new borrower on Defacto.
To ease onboarding, we only request a company identifier to start with (SIREN, NIF, vat number, etc.).We will then try to get all the information that we need to register the borrower from third-party dataproviders. However, this is best-effort. In the best case scenario, we will be able to fetch all data and register the borrower.However, this will not always be true. So in some cases, we will need additional information from you in order to register the borrower. Consequently, the more data you provide to this endpoint, the more likely the borrowers are to be enrolled fast.
In all cases, there is a few data that we cannot get from data providers.

  • Required to setup direct debit on the borrower:
    • IBAN of the company
    • Name, birth date, nationality, email address and country of residence of the managing director
  • On Sandbox we strongly recommend that you provide all information when you work with fake businesses.

Currently, we don't support multiple repayment methods for one partner. To verify the repayment method configured for the borrower, you can request /credit_lines.

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