Connect Defacto's API and offer your users seamless embedded lending solutions

Defacto is the leading European embedded lending API, providing small businesses with instant, flexible financing. Our obsession with developer experience drives our mission to enhance financial access for SMBs through tech, with remarkable speed and efficiency.

What can you offer with Defacto?

Payable financing

Enable buyers on your markeplace or users on your dashboard to pay their invoices late

Receivable financing

Enable your sellers or your users to cash-in their receivables right now and offer payment terms to their customers

Flexible wallet financing

Access to a wallet to optimise your users' cash flow.

How does it work?

1. Create a borrower

Create a borrower with a business registration number.

2. Request & reimburse loans

Request loans & repay by bank transfer or direct debit.

3. Get visibility on all events & transactions

Get details of every events for each loan and payment.